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Sky reveals content coming to Sky Cinema in april 2022 – how to get Sky

Peacemaker (Sky / Now TV) TV Show Review “I’d rather be with The Weasel than you. Hell, I’d rather be with BAT-MITE than with you.”
The TV spin-off nobody expected, from the soft reboot sequel nobody asked for. Peacemaker is one of the best new shows you may or may not get around to seeing in January (EDIT – but which has finally landed in the UK in March!).

sky original films 2022

James Gunn’s very public ‘separation period’ from Disney/Marvel resulted in an interesting twist.

DC got good. Gunn’s celebrated Guardians of the Galaxy humour worked particularly well unleashed in a DC R-rated environment, with his spin on The Suicide Squad somehow doing justice to many of the same characters wasted in previous movies (Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn finally got to shine), whilst introducing a couple of hilarious new ones, not least – unexpectedly – John Cena’s Peacemaker.

Sky Cinema: What’s New in april 2022

sky original films 2022 april

Cena hardly acquitted himself well in Fast and Furious 9, somehow making Vin Diesel look good by comparison, turning in a tone-deaf performance that didn’t bode well for a career trajectory that presumably he hoped would go similarly to fellow natural-born-wrestler, Dave Bautista.

Yet in The Suicide Squad he finally found his Drax moment, often stealing the show, and in Peacemaker he basically is the show, and it’s a bloody, crazy, R-rated hoot.

… this is a James Gunn production, through and through, right from one of the greatest credits sequence of any TV show ever.

Peacemaker is back! Confused that he’s not quite regarded as the world-saving hero that his fellow Suicide Squad are, his newfound freedom is short-lived, quickly drawn back in to the wider Suicide Squad fold, as a few exiles from Amanda Waller’s team confront him with a new mission, one which is going to require… a new helmet, and him reclaiming his pet eagle.

HBO Max presents Peacemaker in the US, and it is available in the UK in full from 22nd March 2022 on Sky.


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