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24 مارس 2022 - 14:33

Review : iphone se 3 2022

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Apple iPhone SE (2022) Review

The familiar design of the iPhone SE will be classic to some, old-fashioned to others. But under the bonnet, a lot is new, from a super-fast processor to 5G connectivity. A bigger battery gives extra stamina and the single camera is way better than on the last iPhone SE. Oh, and it all comes at a very keen price.


1-Breathtakingly fast performance
2-Cutting-edge processor
2-Strong battery life
3-Good for small hands
4-Great value


1-Old-fashioned design
2-No MagSafe
3-Only one camera

What is the Apple iPhone SE

This is a question whose answer changes with time. If you’d asked in 2016, it would have been a phone that exactly resembled the iPhone 5s, but had a much faster chip. If you’d asked me two years ago, I’d have said it was a phone that looked like the iPhone 8, but had a much faster chip.

Today the answer is that this phone looks like the last iPhone SE, but, yes, you guessed it, with a much faster chip.

This is the cheapest iPhone you can buy, by quite a margin. Apple’s technique is to take classic (for which, read older) hardware, change almost nothing in the design, and build in its latest processor.

So, the Apple A15 Bionic which is in the very last phones it released, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, is here in the much more affordable iPhone SE. It is a game-changer.

iPhone SE 3 2022

And there’s another benefit to this lower-resolution, smaller display. It works the processor less hard than a high-res OLED, and perhaps contributes to just how speedy this phone feels in everyday use.

… the display is unencumbered by a notch or cut-out of any kind
The single rear camera on this iPhone uses the identical sensor and lens complex to the last iPhone SE, which in turn used the hardware found on the iPhone 8, first released in 2017. It must be ghastly, then, after all these years, right?

Actually, no. And that’s down to the new processor, and increased levels of RAM in the phone. The advanced effects achievable on your photos – Apple calls these computational photography – are way more than were on the last iPhone SE.

Deep Fusion is the one that I think is the most impressive, where multiple shots are taken at different exposures, and combined to create something that’s sharp and colour-accurate, even in the mid- and low-light situations which cameraphones sometimes struggle to appreciate. It leverages the image signal processor that is part of the A15 Bionic chip and Apple’s neural engine. This is what Apple calls machine learning and other companies refer to as AI. In other words, it looks out for signs of what’s in a picture and exposes accordingly. The result is that it can improve the quality of textures, for instance.

… this is a decent, effective camera, thanks to the performance of the processor
That’s the theory and it seems to be borne out in practice. There may only be one camera but it turns out good stuff. I’ve said before that Apple’s photographic engineers are skilled not just in those quantifiable areas such as exposure, brightness, colour temperature and so on but in one other thing which is much less hard to pin down but even more important: good taste.

Another innovation that Apple has previously reserved for its pricier phones is Photographic Styles, which are like an immensely sophisticated kind of filter, but with a difference. That difference is that whether you choose warm, cold, vibrant or high contrast, for instance, in every case, the system knows to prioritise faithful skin tones.

You can change your preferred style as much as you like, pinning down your own favoured look for ever or for each shot. What you can’t do is change the style after you’ve shot.

These features, Photographic Styles and Deep Fusion, are also available on shots taken with the front-facing camera. This is more impressive because the sensor has a resolution of just 7 megapixels. This is lower than on many budget phones, and it’s definitely not as good as on the rear camera but, really, it’s not bad.

Conclusion : iPhone SE 3 2022

There’s no denying the look of the iPhone SE is familiar and as they say, familiarity breeds contempt. But if you’re not straining for a phone with Face ID, or if a smaller screen will fit your hand better, or if this is your first iPhone, well, for each of those scenarios and others, this is a splendid choice.

It’s hard to get over just how fast and efficient this phone is, how it performs tasks as easily as an iPhone 13, with which it shares the same processor, but for a significantly lower price.

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